A wide network of Resorts, Hotels and B&B's all across South Africa

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About us

Our company has been making dream holidays affordable to individuals across South Africa for the past 16 years. Our network of Resorts, Hotels as well as B&B’s and game lodges will ensure that whatever your choice of holiday we have a dream destination waiting to fulfill your dreams and make it a reality.

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Holiday Voucher

By purchasing a voucher for a ONCE OFF FEE you can now go on holiday at a fraction of the cost! Please refer to our HOLIDAY VOUCHER page for further details on this fantastic offer. Platinum Leisure making dream holidays a Reality.

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Platinum Leisure Holiday

Our holiday voucher system is simple and easy to use and saves you thousands of rands by affording you discounted accommodation of up to 50% in the case of B&B’s and self-catering units and accommodation at resorts and hotels.

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